Definition Type: AttributeGroup
Name: i18nAttributes
Containing Schema: NAR_1.3-spec-Framework-Core.xsd
A group of attributes for language and script related information
Collapse XSD Schema Diagram:
Drilldown into dir in schema nar_1_3-spec-framework-core_xsd Drilldown into lang in schema xml_xsdXSD Diagram of i18nAttributes in schema nar_1_3-spec-framework-core_xsd (EventsML - News Exchange Format)
Collapse XSD Schema Code:
<xs:attributeGroup name="i18nAttributes">
        <xs:documentation>A group of attributes for language and script related information</xs:documentation>
    <xs:attribute ref="xml:lang">
            <xs:documentation>Specifies the language of this property and potentially all descendant properties. xml:lang values of descendant properties override this value. Values are determined by Internet BCP 47.</xs:documentation>
    <xs:attribute name="dir">
            <xs:documentation>The directionality of textual content.</xs:documentation>
            <xs:restriction base="xs:string">
                <xs:enumeration value="ltr" />
                <xs:enumeration value="rtl" />
Collapse Child Attributes:
Name Type Default Value Use
lang nsB:lang (Optional)
dir nsA:dir (Optional)
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