Definition Type: Group
Name: OptionsEventsBase.model
Containing Schema: fpml-business-events-5-9.xsd
Choice between options related events.
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Drilldown into optionEvent in schema fpml-business-events-5-9_xsd Drilldown into optionExpiry in schema fpml-business-events-5-9_xsd Drilldown into optionExercise in schema fpml-business-events-5-9_xsdXSD Diagram of OptionsEventsBase.model in schema fpml-business-events-5-9_xsd (Financial products Markup Language (FpML®) - Record Keeping)
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<xsd:group name="OptionsEventsBase.model">
        <xsd:documentation xml:lang="en">Choice between options related events.</xsd:documentation>
        <xsd:element name="optionExercise" type="OptionExercise">
                <xsd:documentation xml:lang="en">A structure describing an option exercise event. The optionExercise event supports partial exercise (specify the number of options or amount to exercise), full exercise (use fullExercise flag), as well as the option to request options not to be exercised.</xsd:documentation>
        <xsd:element name="optionExpiry" type="OptionExpiry" maxOccurs="unbounded">
                <xsd:documentation xml:lang="en">A structure describing an option expiring event (i.e. passing its last exercise time and becoming worthless.)</xsd:documentation>
        <xsd:element name="optionEvent" type="OptionEvent">
                <xsd:documentation xml:lang="en">A structure describing knock in, knock out, touch and no touch events.</xsd:documentation>
Collapse Child Elements:
Name Type Min Occurs Max Occurs
optionExercise nsA:optionExercise (1) (1)
optionExpiry nsA:optionExpiry (1) unbounded
optionEvent nsA:optionEvent (1) (1)
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