Definition Type: SimpleType
Name: DateOptTimeType
Containing Schema: NAR_1.9-spec-All-Power.xsd
The type of a date (required) and a time (optional).
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XSD Diagram of DateOptTimeType in schema nar_1_9-spec-all-power_xsd (News Architecture (NAR) - Power)
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<xs:simpleType name="DateOptTimeType">
        <xs:documentation>The type of a date (required) and a time (optional).</xs:documentation>
    <xs:union memberTypes="xs:date xs:dateTime" />
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nsA:created, nsA:DateOptTimePropType, nsA:generated, nsA:modified, nsA:modified, nsA:modifiednsA:retired, nsA:until, nsA:validfrom, nsA:validto,