Definition Type: Element
Name: player-metadata-motor-racing
Containing Schema: sportsml-specific-motor-racing.xsd
Metadata about the driver. | Specific to the sport of motor racing.
Collapse XSD Schema Diagram:
Drilldown into metadata-motor-racing-vehicle in schema sportsml-specific-motor-racing_xsdXSD Diagram of player-metadata-motor-racing in schema sportsml-specific-motor-racing_xsd (SportsML)
Collapse XSD Schema Code:
<element name="player-metadata-motor-racing">
        <documentation>Metadata about the driver. | Specific to the sport of motor racing.</documentation>
            <element ref="sportsml:metadata-motor-racing-vehicle" minOccurs="0" />
        <attributeGroup ref="sportsml:globalAttributes" />
Collapse Child Elements:
Name Type Min Occurs Max Occurs
metadata-motor-racing-vehicle sportsml:metadata-motor-racing-vehicle 0 (1)
Collapse Child Attributes:
Name Type Default Value Use
id sportsml:id Optional