Definition Type: Element
Name: FractionsOfCentsAdjustment
Type: nsA:DecimalType
Containing Schema: IRS941SS.xsd
MinOccurs 0
MaxOccurs (1)
ContentType Restriction
Fractions of cents adjustment - plus or minus. Attach FractionsOfCentsAdjExplanation. Part 1 Line 7
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XSD Diagram of FractionsOfCentsAdjustment in schema irs941ss_xsd (IRS Electronic Tax Administration)
Collapse XSD Schema Code:
<xsd:element name="FractionsOfCentsAdjustment" minOccurs="0">
            <Description>Fractions of cents adjustment - plus or minus. Attach FractionsOfCentsAdjExplanation.</Description>
            <LineNumber>Part 1 Line 7</LineNumber>
        <xsd:restriction base="DecimalType">
            <xsd:maxInclusive value="+999999999999.99" />
            <xsd:minInclusive value="-999999999999.99" />
            <xsd:totalDigits value="14" />
Collapse Facets:
Facet Value
MaxInclusive +999999999999.99
MinInclusive -999999999999.99
TotalDigits 14
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