Definition Type: Element
Name: IRS941PRScheduleB
Type: nsA:IRS941ScheduleBType
Containing Schema: IRS941PRScheduleB.xsd
IRS Form 941-PR Schedule B
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Drilldown into TotalQuarterLiability in schema irs941scheduleb_xsd Drilldown into MonthlyLiabilities in schema irs941scheduleb_xsd Drilldown into IRS941ScheduleBType in schema irs941scheduleb_xsd Drilldown into documentId in schema efiletypes_xsd Drilldown into DocumentAttributes in schema efiletypes_xsdXSD Diagram of IRS941PRScheduleB in schema irs941prscheduleb_xsd (IRS Electronic Tax Administration)
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<xsd:element name="IRS941PRScheduleB">
        <xsd:documentation>IRS Form 941-PR Schedule B</xsd:documentation>
            <xsd:extension base="IRS941ScheduleBType">
                    <xsd:documentation>IRS941ScheduleBType is used because 941-PR Schedule B is the same as 941 Schedule B</xsd:documentation>
                <xsd:attributeGroup ref="DocumentAttributes" />
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Name Type Min Occurs Max Occurs
MonthlyLiabilities nsA:MonthlyLiabilities (1) 3
TotalQuarterLiability nsA:TotalQuarterLiability (1) (1)
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Name Type Default Value Use
documentId nsA:documentId Required
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