Definition Type: Element
Name: ScheduleNumber
Type: nsA:IntegerPosType
Containing Schema: IRS94xScheduleDGroup.xsd
MinOccurs (1)
MaxOccurs (1)
ContentType Restriction
This is schedule # of #. (Example: This is schedule 1 of 3.) Part 3 Line 9
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XSD Diagram of ScheduleNumber in schema irs94xscheduledgroup_xsd (IRS Electronic Tax Administration)
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<xsd:element name="ScheduleNumber">
            <Description>This is schedule # of #. (Example: This is schedule 1 of 3.)</Description>
            <LineNumber>Part 3 Line 9</LineNumber>
        <xsd:restriction base="IntegerPosType">
            <xsd:totalDigits value="4" />
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Facet Value
TotalDigits 4
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