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STAR - Standards for Technology in Automotive Retail
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Standards for Technology in Automotive Retail (STAR) is a nonprofit, dues-paying organization whose members include dealers, manufacturers, retail system providers, and automotive-related industry organizations. The goal of STAR is to use non-proprietary technology (IT)standards as a catalyst in fulfilling the business information needs of dealers and manufacturers while reducing the time and effort required to support related activities. Collectively, STAR develops voluntary industry standards and researches emerging technologies for the benefit of dealers. STAR is considered the IT standards organization for the retail automotive industry. STAR Objectives * To define the open, standard XML message formats for dealer-to-OEM communications (e.g, Parts Orders, Sales Leads, and Credit Applications). * To define an open, standard architecture to support the delivery of messages between dealers and OEMs. * To standardize the dealership IT infrastructure.

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